About Us

Our aim is to assist any high-net-worth individuals from any background, no matter how you’ve earnt your wealth.

Located near to the heart of the city where diverse industry and individuals thrive, Signature Insure offers selective specialist insurance designed to effectively cover the assets you’ve worked hard to afford, but that are high risk to insure given their desirability.

We provide tailored insurance for any high value asset, for the clientele who need it.

As an insurance company we analyse, track, and manage risk. Collectively our specialist knowledge surpasses 13 years in the trade.

We know how to handle your assets in the most delicate manner and have experience working with successful individuals with specialist requirements. We cover media, sports, medicine, banking and any profession that demands a particular type of insurance policy.

Whether you drive a super car or own a collection of classic cars, or have a high value home with expensive contents, we understand that your assets are very important to you. Our company secures your peace of mind, by taking care of what means the most to you. Yours, Signature Insure.