Classic Car Insurance

Signature Insure understand the passion many classic car owners have for their car or collections and so do specialist insurers.

Whether your car is a Porsche 911 from the 90’s, a VW Beetle from the 80’s, a Jaguar E-type from the 70’s, or an Aston Martin DB5 from the swinging 60’s, sometimes specialist car insurance is needed for a piece of motoring heritage.

While many of our clients have difficulties finding the right type of classic, or vintage car insurance on the high street, by working with a specialist broker, it can be possible to secure a cheaper premium than you would for a modern car.

Over 25? You will be able to get a cheaper classic car quote for your car compared to a standard premium if your vehicle is:

  • Over 15 years old.
  • Not your only car or used daily.
  • Kept in a specialist lock up, garage or secure drive.
  • Driven between 2,000 to 5,000 miles per year.

Classic car insurance providers know your car is your pride and joy and will be both well driven and cared for. If you belong to a classic car club, many will even give discounts as they know true car enthusiasts will go to great lengths to ensure their vehicle is always safe, on and off the road.

Classic Car Modifications and Premium Price

Like any car policy, the insurer needs to be informed of any cosmetic or performance-based modifications, particularly as many classic cars may have undergone changes for safety reasons and to be roadworthy. These may often include:

  • New modern controls/dashboards
  • Electronic ignition
  • Engine rebuilds or replacements
  • Power steering
  • Enhanced fuel performance
  • Respraying

The reason it is important for an insurance company to understand how you have upgraded your car is because these all push up the value and will impact the payout in the event of a successful claim.

While some vehicle modifications can add 10-15% to the price of your classic car insurance premium each, unlike with a standard policy, some are seen as evidence of an owner caring for their car which tends to be the basis for lower classic car premiums overall.

Classic Car Policy Extras

Many classic car owners want peace of mind from adding extras that align with how they want to enjoy their prized motor, and the protection they need to do so.

Agreed Value Policy

Valuations on insured cars are based on comparable recent UK sales, so it is straightforward to know how much to payout to replace it.

One important extra to ask your specialist classic car insurance broker about is an ‘agreed price.’

With classic vehicles, particularly those that are unique due to modifications, the market price can vary massively based on demand at home or overseas from collectors.

As it is not such a simple matter to judge, a fair ‘agreed valuation’ can offer peace of mind with a fixed size of payout (minus any excess) if the worst happens and you need to claim.

Other extras can include:

Cover during restoration – be insured while tinkering with your pride and joy.
Extra cover for classic car fairs or shows – covers any prangs as well as public liability.
Track day cover – you will pay more depending on how often you race.
Cover abroad – most policies include 90 days overseas protection.

The best classic car insurance companies understand the client, the vehicle, and the specialist classic car insurance companies that provide the best value levels of cover. Signature Insure provide the right industry connections for our client’s needs. We will find the right combination of cover and offer that lets you enjoy your classic car to it’s fullest. Call us today for a quote.


When does a car turn classic?

Although cars over 40 years old are exempt from MOT’s due to age, and HMRC define a classic car as one over 15 years old and over £15,000 value, insurers take a different view.

Why are classic car premiums cheaper?

Vintage car owners are typically older, with a main car, and take a lot more care of their vehicles than the average owner. Specialist classic car insurers appreciate these differences to a typical driver’s policy and premiums are determined based on whether the car is driven like a classic car, how much it is looked after, and the driving history of the owner.

Will my no-claims bonus get me a cheaper classic car insurance quote like with standard policies?

Specialist car Insurers reward safe drivers with a spotless record a low classic car premium, but since most classic cars are a second vehicle and not a day-to-day car, no claims bonus discounts do not offer further savings.

How do I find an agreed price for my classic car insurance policy?

One of the best ways to find out the value of your vintage vehicle is to join one of the many classic car owner clubs in the UK. Many have valuers with a keen knowledge of your specific car type and model. Their experts will be able to give you an official document as evidence of market. Here is a list of car clubs along with contact details:

Can I insure my classic car for business purposes?

Classic cars can be used for business purposes such as for wedding or funeral hire. Please specify how you use your vehicle when obtaining a quote to ensure you have the right level of cover.