High Net Worth Specialists

High Net Worth Specialists

High Net Worth Specialists

Specialist Insurance for High Net-worth People

Having a high-net-worth insurance policy need means you require a greater level of cover and bespoke level of service.

Signature Insure are here to advise you on the best high worth insurance quote and place you with the most suitable insurance provider. Book an appointment with one of our experienced advisors today.

If you are looking for high worth insurance or have a specialist home or car insurance need, Signature Insure has the experience, expertise, and niche broker connections to get you the best value protection for your high-value car, home, or asset.

You may need our services if:

  • The value of your car exceeds £75,000 or if you have a collection.
  • You have a modified car or 4×4 as a second vehicle.
  • You require buildings cover of more than £500k and the property is listed or if you have multiple properties internationally.
  • You own expensive assets such as watches, jewellery or technology that have a collective value of more than £40k.

Types of Cover

Diplomats and embassies

Military and Police

Vehicle Enthusiasts

Foreign Nationals


Car Clubs and collections

Hyper Car

Where power meets prestige with perfect harmony. These remarkable cars stand supreme, representing the pinnacle of high-performance vehicles globally. These cars, reserved for the top 1%, embody an era of motorcar engineering and technological prowess.

◆ Hyper Car

4 x 4

The ultimate off-road powerhouse. With its four-wheel drive, it’s always ready for action, either automatically or at command. Packed with extra gear options, it’s built to tackle adventures beyond the beaten path. Unlike all-wheel drive, a 4×4 is tailored explicitly for off-road thrills.

◆ 4 x 4

Modified Car

A new level of performance, style, and individuality. From custom bodywork and unique paint jobs to powerful engine upgrades, these rides stand out. With performance exhaust systems that roar, these cars will turn heads and make a statement on the road.

◆ Modified Car

Classic Car

Transport you through time, offering a recollection journey for those captivated by the charm of yesteryear’s cars. These timeless gems are not just vehicles but living legends, weaving stories of heritage and beauty that resonate with the love of vintage motoring.

◆ Classic Car

Super Car

A dazzling fusion of speed, luxury, and uniqueness. These vehicles redefine the streets with their high-performance prowess and opulent design. A symbol of excellence, the supercar transcends the ordinary, offering a thrilling experience beyond conventional sports cars.

◆ Super Car

Prestige Luxury Car

A symbol of sophistication seamlessly merges luxury, performance, and comfort. Designed for those craving exclusivity, these cars stand out for their unique features, setting them apart from standard rides. It’s where innovation meets luxury, offering an experience beyond the ordinary.

◆ Prestige Luxury Car

Performance Car

The pinnacle of exceptional speed and agility. Zoom past the norm with these outstanding vehicles. They excel in speed, skill, and power, boasting more robust engines that elevate driving adventure, be it a sports car, muscle car, or luxury ride. Feel the thrill of unparalleled performance on the road.

◆ Performance Car

Specialist Insurance for High Net-worth People

Luxury residences can typically get value from a custom-built policy. You may have an old, listed building, a luxury mansion with grounds, or be letting out a holiday cottage.

If your property is high-value and you have spent the money and time making it perfect, high value property insurance is vital to protect your investment. Contact us today to speak to one of your advisors. We will find the right insurance policy to protect your property portfolio.

Our specialist insurance coverage for high value homes and their contents includes:

  • AirBnB Insurance
  • High value contents insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • Listed building insurance
  • Property owners and landlord insurance
  • Second home insurance

Whatever your specialist insurance needs, we will find you the policy that lets you focus on what has got you to the position to enjoy the finer things in life. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

High Net Worth Vehicle Insurance

High Net Worth Home Insurance